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The good work that the Lord began with my job situation I believe will also be completed because Jesus never forsakes us. There is power in His Word and He hears our prayers. Report from our New York ministry trip.

Where Is God in the Midst of All My Troubles? - Focus on the Family

The trip went great with over 70 salvations, but the real focus was on praying over people to be empowered by God to be His hands and feet in this world which is going to have a huge multiplication effect for the Kingdom. We also got to see the Lord do many amazing miracles and just wanted to share a few with you for encouragement and as a praise report.

We watched in astonishment as her oxygen counter went from 81 very low, to 97 normal with no oxygen tank! She came back to another meeting days later and testified that she had slept normally and had not been short of breath for the first time in years! God is alive and well and He loves us!!!

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You prayed with a ministry couple who have been in full time mercy ministry for a lot of years. They came up for prayer with deep grief over their teenage son who had been in full blown rebellion from middle school age all the way through high school.

God’s plan to end your suffering

He was going to go to college and they feared the worst, especially because nothing had changed in seven years. You prayed for the son and the next day he was changed and from that day onward he kept changing, and has been set free from rebellion!! In His love, Norelle Lutke. He has spent countless days in the hospital and endured 13 surgeries.

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  8. There is no cure for his disorder, so Christopher has been tube fed his entire life of 16 years. Our journey has been long and hard. The doctors told us that his prognosis was grim and unclear. Would he have brain damage? Would his physical development be compromised? Would he even live to see his first birthday? He was on the journey with us. He picked us up and dusted us off when we fell down.

    He carried us when we were tired, and in the end He blessed us with an instant healing miracle. On November 6, our family attended a church service where Bruce VanNatta was speaking. After the service, we met with Bruce and asked if he would help us pray that God would heal Christopher. The air in the room was still except for the movement of the Holy Spirit working inside Christopher. The world literally melted away as the universe was suddenly hyper-focused on the young man at the center of it all. Bruce was praying when Christopher suddenly announced that something was wrong.

    He was grabbing at his feeding tube and saying that something was happening to it. Bruce stopped praying and asked Christopher if he needed to sit down. Christopher said that he was okay and wanted to keep going, so Bruce began again. I had to watch. I could feel the sweet weight of the Holy Spirit moving among us, and I wanted to watch Him work. As Bruce continued praying aloud, I continued praying with my eyes wide open. All sense of time and place had disappeared.

    The Temptation to Blame Others

    It was just this moment in this place that mattered. His face was completely flushed, and he had a look that I had never seen before. It was VERY intense. I saw the movement. I felt my eyes widen in absolute amazement as I witnessed the vibration pulsating down through the pattern of his intestines. I could see the vibration palpitate his feeding tubes with the beat of the Holy Spirit working within him. There was a tactile, pinpoint focus. He could feel the vibrating movement, the healing power of God. He said it was difficult to describe, but it was undeniable.

    He felt God healing him. We were a cloud of Christian witnesses in the midst of a profound moment. It was one moment in time that would change all others. We were witnesses to an instant healing miracle, and our eyes were opened to the extraordinary power and plans of God. It was difficult to describe the raw emotion of the Holy Spirit at work among us, but we all felt it.

    Something had just happened. It was an extraordinary gift that would keep on giving! Not only was his stomach completely healed that day, but His GI tract was completely healed as well and he no longer has stomach pain or digestion issues! He had one more healing miracle for Christopher. Christopher still stutters occasionally, but he can now share his testimony with the world without tripping over his words. God bless, LeAnne Gunderson. For more information please visit www. Thank you God for my healing.

    Thank you, Renata Steltman. Imagine her surprise when she woke up a few days later and realized her back was pain free for the first time in many years. The only ones more surprised than her was the Drs when they confirmed her back was healed. God is good and He answers prayers! Dear Bruce, Thank you for praying for me last week. I had a very painful hernia in my belly button that stuck out.

    As you prayed it began to get smaller and smaller and the redness also went away. All the pain left my body as you spoke healing words from the Holy Spirit over my body! I praise you Father God for I am healed.

    9 Prayers of Hope for When You’re Going Through the Storm

    It happened right away after the prayer, there was no more pain and the hernia disappeared. All the Praise and Glory goes to God! Thank you for your faithfulness Bruce. Teri Zokan. Dear Rev. Carlson, Thank you again for calling me top pray with my daughter Calista on October 8th She said she felt very warm afterwards and has felt healing in her body ever since.

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    I noticed an immediate difference in her as well! You might remember that I told you seconds after I was thinking about you and Sweetbread Ministries, the phone rang! What a blessing. Also, oddly enough or maybe not , I myself had a healing that night. Due to a lot of stress and anxiety, constant worrying about my daughter, I had this horrible habit of scratching the back of my neck under my hairline. It started out like a small blemish was there, then I just kept picking at it for over 2 years!

    More than just a nervous habit at this point. I could not stop!! While you were praying for Calista, which I listened to on speaker phone, I was lying down when all of a sudden my mouth opened and this strange, groaning, weird kind of sigh came out!

    Hard to truly explain. Ever since then, I have not done this awful habit anymore. So, WOW! Bonus healing for our family. My neck which was always swollen and irritated; is normal now. Praise God! Calista and I are grateful and thankful for the Favor of God for your call that night. We hope to meet you in person someday! I had a call today from Vickey Coates, she came to our church last year on a regular basis.. She is now going to another church because her family goes there and they are pressuring her to go where they go..

    She wants to be with us.. She said she was healed when you prayed for her Bruce. She had injured her tail bone when giving birth to her son 30 years ago and it had caused severe pain ever since. It hurt for her to even sit down in a chair! That pain left and she was healed totally.. One of our members.. We are believing that.