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Anyone interested knowing more about the agenda setting and policy-making processes of government will find this to be an invaluable case study.

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It is well-researched and thorough, tracing the history of campus crime and illustrating the powerful effect of interest groups in bringing this social problem to the forefront of public consciousness in recent years. It will serve as an important resource for researchers, students and policymakers who are interested in the social construction of crime and campus crime more specifically. It is a must-read for people who care about what is really happening on college campuses across the nation. It is easily comprehendible for students and serves as a jumping off point for further discussions of campus crime.

Violence, vice, and victimization on American college and university campuses: a brief history lesson 2.

Constructing campus crime as a new social problem 3. Constructing unsafe and violent college campuses 4. Constructing the sexual victimization of college women on campus 5. Constructing postsecondary institutional liability for campus crime 6. Constructing binge drinking on college campuses 7. The legacy of claimsmakers: institutionalizing the dark side of the ivory tower.

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John J. He has authored or co-authored more than scholarly articles, book chapters, research reports, and presentations and co-edited two previous books on campus crime. Bonnie S. Fisher , University of Cincinnati Bonnie S. She has authored or co-authored more than scholarly publications and has co-edited four volumes that focus on victimization issues. This title is available for institutional purchase via Cambridge Core Cambridge Core offers access to academic eBooks from our world-renowned publishing programme.

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The topic is very timely and holds interest for a large group of people interested in how an issue becomes a national social problem in need of federal policy Presents a clearly articulated and easily grasped theoretical framework Uses a non-technical narrative to illustrate the major elements of its theoretical arguments. Log in to review. How do you rate this item? Reviews must contain at least 12 words about the product.

Instead, to her surprise, she saw Kagato, alone, reading something. Probably a technical manual, knowing him. Washu knew that he was a good fighter, and he seemed tense- he might attack her out of instinct if she simply rounded the corner. Whether or not his ultimate objective was to assault her was unclear at the moment. He peered at her through his pince-nez, his purple eyes holding a sort of dark triumph. He spoke, "I assumed you'd be coming eventually. It would've been terribly disappointing, for someone of your intellect, if you submitted to their whims, or worse, were captured while escaping.

He faced Washu again and suggested, "I've tuned the Souja's engines, and loaded our most prized experiments, Little Washu. We can depart whenever you're ready. She wasn't surprised to find her eyes brimming with tears. They reached the bridge together, a gigantic room with a marble floor, walls apparently made of stone, and a vaulted ceiling.

The room was very bare, except for Kagato's pipe organ on the dais near the back, and the two large command spheres near the front. At that moment, a life-sized hologram of Yakage projected itself into the room, showing him standing on the bridge of his space tree partner, Shorai.

The image spoke with his voice and commented, "Little Washu, I sincerely hope that the Galactic Police will be studying the blueprints of Souja that we gave them.

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Shorai finds it ridiculously easy to destroy the weapon power generators on their current gunboats. Washu felt herself getting choked up with happiness. She looked at the marble floor, and in response to her commands, a display formed on the floor showing the Galactic Police squadron floating in space, disabled, but with all lifeforms intact. She gave the mental command for the Souja to leave the system, and it did so, followed by Yakage in Shorai.

Yakage nodded, and told her, "You've supported my quest for the perfect sword for years, Little Washu. It only seemed right that I support you in turn. Washu felt so happy that her heart seemed to burst, then looked at the receding star system and suddenly felt herself reliving her time at the Academy. She remembered those days long ago, when she had worked day and night as a student. She recalled her baby, and- but she forced that memory away.

It was easy enough, others came to take its place.

Washu recalled her graduation, and friends from that time whom she hadn't seen or heard from in years. She recalled her husband, torn from her- but she shoved that memory aside. She remembered her research projects at the Academy, and the classes she had taught, and her best students from years gone by. She recalled climbing the ladders of power there, with her friend Yume and their enemy Dr.

Washu recalled how she had been the leader of the movement to make the Academy independent of the Juraian government, and the exhilaration of that success. Washu recalled the day when she had been elected as the Director, and the wild, wonderful feeling of triumph. It was so hard this time, pushing away the memory of how she had wanted her beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed baby with her on that day of her election. She had called his hair dreamy, just like her husband's- but they had been forced to leave her long, long, long before, she made herself recall.

She swallowed back her bitterness, and turned back to her friends in the present, for such she could now call them. They were unexpected, but that only made their presence so much more precious. Yakage decided he had waited a decent interval, and the question would have to be asked sooner or later. Washu smiled, that maniacal smile that her research could produce in her. Yakage nodded, "Indeed. You kept bringing it up, and Shorai here says you talked to her about it many times. Yakage put a hand on his chin, looking to Washu for permission, and she waved her arm as if to say "Of course! Kagato was intrigued, and asked with great interest, "The Dokiki managed to capture some of the aliens who crippled it? The creatures, previously unknown, have been given the name Mass.

Introduction to Overview of Strategy

The Dokiki was forced down on that uncharted planet by the Mass who inhabit it, but they stopped attacking once they no longer felt threatened. Some of the Masses even began to hang around the crew and help them survive until the rescue vessel evacuated them. A few Masses accompanied them on the rescue vessel voluntarily, and Yakage procured some of them for me. From what basic research I've done, it appears they're like smart animals with a strong desire to please others. They'll actually adopt the will and desire of whatever sapient being is closest. Yakage told him, "Our specimens are aboard Shorai with me for the moment, although we could transfer them to Souja if you prefer, Little Washu.

Shorai will be sorry to see them go, however- she has convinced them to help the mobile computers implement some maintenance tasks around the ship.