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Schedule a Delivery Date Range. It is currently p. Dec 1 - Sunday. Rush delivery before AM. Lorenzo Snow knew that he would soon be the prophet of the Church. He went to the temple, put on his white clothing, and knelt down in a special room to pray. He wanted Heavenly Father to tell him what he should do to lead the Church. He prayed and prayed but did not receive an answer. As President Snow was leaving the room where he was praying, Jesus appeared to him. Jesus wore beautiful white robes and looked so bright and shining that President Snow could hardly look at him. Jesus looked as though he were standing on solid gold.

Why do you think President Snow prayed in the temple instead of some other place? Because he could feel closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus inside the temple. Explain that temples can help families be together forever. When a man and a woman get married in the temple and obey the commandments, Heavenly Father promises them that they can be with each other and with all their children forever. We call this being sealed as a family.

Assure the children that Heavenly Father and Jesus love every family and want every family to be sealed together forever. Then they can go to the temple to be sealed as a family. Show the page of drawings included at the end of the lesson and let the children discuss the commandments illustrated. Explain that obeying these commandments will help the children be worthy to go to the temple when they are older.

Pay tithing. Eat good foods obey the Word of Wisdom. Share your feelings about the importance of families being together forever and about the blessings of the temple. Help the children understand that forever is a long time.

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You might tell them that it is longer than the time they have to wait until their birthday or the next holiday; it is longer than the time the oldest person they know has been alive; it is longer than back to the time when Adam and Eve were alive. Explain that forever means that something will never end. Help the children do the actions to the following verse as you say the words:. With the approval of your Primary president, invite the parents of a child in your class to share their feelings about the importance of being sealed in the temple.

Make a copy of the page of drawings at the end of the lesson for each child.

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Let the children color the drawings. With the approval of your Primary president, invite a family in your ward who recently went to the temple to be sealed to tell the class about that experience. Help the children do the actions to the following verse while you say the words:. Now that I am big and tall stand on tiptoes and stretch arms up high ,.

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A helper to sister hold up third finger ,. Now that I am big and tall stand on tiptoes and stretch arms high. Help the children do the actions to the following activity verse while you say the words. Repeat as many times as you want.

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  • Make a circle with everyone standing, holding hands. Hold hands throughout the activity. We all lived together with Heavenly Father everyone comes close together, bringing hands to the center of the circle.

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    He sent us down to earth to live spread out into a big circle. He gave us families to love and teach us come close together again. Our families will help us live with him again spread out into a big circle again. Provide a simple outline of a temple on paper for the children to color.

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