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After years without a religious home, Chinese Catholics in the Flushing area settled at St. John Vianney in Now, daily Masses are celebrated there in Mandarin, with a Sunday morning Mass that is celebrated in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Five Christian initiation classes, taught in Mandarin, take place every week. Chen made the decision to convert this past fall, after a friend persuaded her to attend Mass. Born in Fujian Province and now a permanent resident, Ms. Chen moved to Flushing 10 years ago, when she was Together, they went to St John Vianney.

Chen said. Many of Ms.

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They described repressed lives in China, often spent in the shadows and attending underground churches, keeping their faith a secret to all but a select few. Catherine Zhang came to the United States about a year ago from the Henan Province with her husband, Simon, to seek asylum, claiming religious persecution.

Zhang said. The mill coached clients to make up stories about religious persecution, among other fabricated claims, in order to win asylum. Wednesday, January 17, Hey Little Fighter No comments: Email This BlogThis!

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Be the Person. I love the shift in emphasis, and really I think the heart of visiting teaching has always been to do visiting teaching in the way the sister you see needs, but this really frees up those sisters who don't know if it 'counts' to do it that way. It's all about reaching the one, and for me it comes down to, did my sister feel loved by me this month, did they know they could count on and reach out to me, did I follow promptings regarding them, was I seeking to get these promptings, and others.

Since being called as RS Pres in my ward I've created lots of printables for various things it's my love language I guess: , I'll start putting them on here and maybe they'll help you too: Here's one that I'll use when introducing the changes to my sisters, one is an 8x10, which can also be enlarged up to 16x20, click the image to be taken to the download site, and one is a 4x6 if you want a handout size, or 4 to a page.


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A new month is here already, I can hardly believe it! And according to Dr. Moss says. And I think the ability to be open to symbols and metaphors and stories is a strong part of spiritual intelligence. But for those who are more spiritual and less religious, could the term spiritual intelligence be off-putting? Schmitt, who was a Jesuit priest for 32 years.

The word in itself is troublesome.

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But the reality is not troublesome. Which is more important: Emotional, spiritual, or traditional intelligence?

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There are moments when all three types of intelligences are best suited. Traditional intelligence may come in handy in a classroom or a work meeting ex. So where does spiritual intelligence fit in?

According to Dr.