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It's hard to believe, but Frozen II is finally almost upon us.

The original movie became a pop culture icon when it arrived in theaters, inspiring countless Halloween costumes, a Broadway musical, and elevating the cast into household names. The highly anticipated sequel will hit theaters next month, picking up the narrative and following Anna and Elsa through another epic journey.

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Considering just how popular the first Frozen movie was, a sequel seemed all but guaranteed. But the filmmakers took their time, in particular Jennifer Lee who wrote and directed both movies. In fact, Kristen Bell revealed to us that she took years simply journaling as the characters. But the movie is almost here, and now Lee has spoke about the long gestation process, saying:. It did a couple of things.

We had spent some time off from them.

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Without having any pressure of time, at that moment, I wanted to see what came out and how it flowed. Honestly, this sounds like an authentic and healthy way at approaching a sequel-- especially one as hotly anticipated as Frozen II.

The pressure is on to deliver as much heart and stunning music as the first movie, so Jennifer Lee wanted to make sure she was properly servicing the characters. And this long development allowed her to organically find the story, and how Elsa's past and present will collide. The origin of Elsa's frozen abilities will get their origin in Frozen II, and Anna and Elsa's parents will be expanded through flashback sequences.

By journaling as the characters for so long, Jennifer Lee dove deeper into each one's psyche and perspective. From there, the quirky group of characters that she created pointed her toward the right direction. In her same conversation with Collider , Jennifer Lee went on to explain how the journaling process changed how she wrote Frozen II 's beloved sisters, saying:.

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