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The search for a fabled sword, guarded by a three-headed hellhound, sweeps up an art historian. Chupcabra: Dark Seas.

The mythical beast is captured and smuggled aboard a cruise ship en route to America, but escapes, and Navy SEALs are brought in to destroy the monster. Supernatural detective John Constantine helps a detective prove her sisters death was not a suicide, but something more. Crimson Force. Astronauts on Mars must repair their damaged spaceship as extraterrestrials wage a civil war. The Crooked Man. Singing a nursery rhyme summons a demonic figure known as Crooked Man. Once you sing the rhyme, everyone in the house is cursed to die by his hands.

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Cucuy: The Boogeyman. A teenaged girl confined to her home on house arrest soon discovers that the nightmarish urban legends of the Mexican boogeyman, El Cucuy, are actually true. Dam Sharks! Dark Relic. In , Sir Gregory and his men find part of the true cross. During their journey to Rome to present the relic to the pope, dark forces continually attack their caravan.

A demon Shiri Appleby and a member Richard Burgi of a secret society join forces to kill an evil beast before it can unleash a worldwide plague. Day of Reckoning. Some years ago the world experienced a "day of reckoning" where creatures came up from below and purged humanity of evil Dead 7.

30+ Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows Past & Present

This is a post-apocalyptic Western that follows a group of gunslingers as they look to rid a small town of a zombie plague. Dead in the Water. An all-female crew, on a boat in the middle of nowhere, must deal with an invader on their ship. Deep Blue Sea 2. Highly intelligent super sharks turn on their masters and begin to pick them off one by one.

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Deep in the Darkness. After moving to a small town with his family, a man discovers a race of strange creatures that live in the woods. Dementia A vengeful ghost, a mysterious killer, and a family where everyone has a secret converge in one night of terror in this remake of Francis Ford Coppola's first feature film.

Dragon Dynasty. An Italian explorer Federico Castelluccio and his men battle two dragons sent by an evil wizard to destroy their homeland. Empire of the Sharks. A lone warlord and his army of hyper-intelligent sharks control all the land in a future world of water. Ghost Town. The ghosts of a devil-worshipping cowboy Billy Drago and his men terrorize a group of students stranded in an abandoned frontier town.

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Ghost Voyage. Twelve men are sent on a mission by King Hrothgar of the Danes to defeat the fearsome monster Grendel. House Of The Witch.

A group of high school kids set out to play a Halloween prank at an abandoned house, but once they enter they become victims of a demonic witch who has set her wrath upon them. Drones are used for agricultural production and as sentinels. Caregivers discover a connection between their job assisting in suicides and their employers' ownership of the drone manufacturing. Ice Sharks. Scientists fight for their lives when aggressive, ravenous sharks break through the ice at their Arctic research station. Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake.

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Don Sandovate Temuera Morrison , in a race against time to exotic lands. Independence Day-saster. When Earth is attacked by a hostile alien force, a small town firefighter and a rogue SETI scientist team up to activate the only technology capable of defeating the invaders. Jeepers Creepers 3. A sergeant and his task force embark on a mission to destroy the Creeper on its last day of feeding. The Creeper fights back when they get close to discovering its mysterious and dark origins. Killer High. Sabrina's perfectly planned high school reunion goes south when a monster keeps killing all the guests.

A teenage Leatherface escapes from a mental hospital with three other inmates, kidnapping a young nurse and taking her on a road trip from hell, while being pursued by a lawman out for revenge.

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Little Shop of Horrors. A clumsy young man nurtures a plant and discovers that it's carnivorous, forcing him to kill to feed it. Locusts: The 8th Plague. A group of scientists try to stop a swarm of flesh-eating locusts that escape from a top secret government lab in the USA Midwest. London Has Fallen.

Hellcats season two plans

In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning is caught up in a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders. When miner Charley 'Boomer' Baxter sets off a series of massive mining detonations in West Virginia, a gigantic earthquake is soon rocking the North Atlantic. The Monkey's Paw. Based on the WW Jacobs short story. Jake is given a mystical monkey's paw that grants three wishes, but things go terribly wrong when he brings his friend back from the dead.

Monster Ark. An archaeologist discovers Noah's first ark. Prior to the cancellation, Zap2It spoke with Hellcats creator Kevin Murphy who gave some insight into what season two might have held. Since he was accepted at Lancer University, townie Dan Patch would have had some storylines of his own. I really wanted to be able to give him more points of access to Alice and Lewis and Vanessa and everyone else. This was almost shown in the finale with Matt Barr was actually in the uniform but it was never shot.

Despite the blow-up at the end of the season, AJ would have continued to be an important part of the series. There were plans for Ciara return as well and the pop star was enthusiastic about the possibility. Following in the footsteps of the special Zombie episode, Murphy had plans for more theme episodes. Possibilities included a Western-themed episode, aliens and post-apocalypse.

Had the show returned, Welling was planning to direct some of the season two installments. What do you think?