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Calof, David L. Many AAPC members contributed articles to this publication. Hall, Jr. Bohler, Carolyn Jane GOD the what?

Westminster John Knox. Healthsigns Center, Inc. Yarmouthport, MA.

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Helminiak, Daniel A. Gay Identity and Spiritual Growth. Haworth Press. Henderson, Robert and Janis Living with Jung: "Enterviews" with Jungian Analysts. Volume 1 of 2. Karaban, Roslyn A. Crisis Caring.

Laman E. A House Beyond Expectations. Bloomington, Indiana: Authorhouse. ISBN Softcover pages. McBride, J. LeBron Family Behavioral Issues in Health and Illness. Haworth Soft cover, Hard cover. McDonald, R. Soft cover. Fawn: —we do not like that word anymore and also I think that word was abused—. Jim: Yeah. Jim: —but a lot of religious rules.


Talk about growing up in that environment and what happened to you as a young girl. They just kinda go with it. God is real. Jesus Christ is real. He dies on the cross for your sins and you should live this way because of that. Fawn: And I am the child that was not born that way. I needed you to have data. Fawn: And that was really hard, so I was that kid who, I had no desire to read any of the books that were given to me in school. I sat and would read the Encyclopedia Britannica. That was what I enjoyed. Fawn: I did; I did. Jim: And the irony is, you know, growing up in Southern California, you left Pasadena to move to Watts.

And so, I would go to school with these kids and they would talk about their lives. That sounds exciting. Jim: How do you attribute that? Some people go one particular way. I went to the school of hard knocks and I went by reading. If you sit me next to a Ph. Fawn: I did and I had 10 employees before I was 19 and now I have And so, everyone is just wired a certain way and I—.

Fawn: —think that we have to give God credit for being able to work through anyone and through any circumstance and …. Jim: But how did you hang onto your faith coming out of a home that, you know, regarded rules very highly, that expected you to behave a certain way? Jim: But how did you hang onto your faith?

So many young people, not usually at 15, maybe 18, 19, are walking away. We, as Christian parents, are devastated. What did we do wrong?

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How did you begin to come back to faith in that journey and how did you reconnect with your mom and dad in a deep way? Fawn: Well, I think that the idea that I was reconnecting or coming back to a faith, I never really had it. I lived in Watts in the projects for a while.


That got old with the cockroaches pretty quickly and so, then I moved into shelters. And so, being in that environment, I somehow became a counselor to these kids, even though I was in the same boat. And again, this is in Los Angeles. So, I go through all of these things before I even turned 19 and then coming out of this, I started my own business.

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I had the employees. Fawn: But I started out really quickly. And skip forward a couple years, I tried to commit suicide twice. So, this is not a pretty upbringing at all. And in that moment, most kids will power through it and get to the other side.

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And some kids just want to end it and I was in that boat of the kids that wanted to end it. Jim: What do you think was at the core of that? Was it loneliness?

Jesus’ final hours

Was it you felt failure? Fawn: And so, that was an interesting time, so this I do remember is the tubes down my nose and them pumping in charcoal to pull out everything that I had taken in order to try to end my life.

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Jim: And you are logical. You are a logical Laughter creature. Fawn: The second time I was Fawn: But I read at least that and I read it and for whatever reason, it really resonated with me. I would read the Bible every single day, quite a bit of it.

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And it was during this period of time where I would probably say in that six month, I probably read 60 books, if I—. I was reading every book that seemed like it could be helpful. Jim: And how did that moment occur? Fawn: Tubes in my nose Laughing and charcoal in my stomach gives you perspective and coming out on the other side of it.

There was no light , you know, coming down a road. It was just, I was at the bottom, but there was still this hope that somehow rose inside of me—. Jim: Man, that is good. Jim: —how you bring all of this, if I could say it respectfully, all this garbage—. Jim: —into your relationship with Keith and make it work to where you guys are having a fantastic run.

Fawn: Well, I will say this.