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This book, based on authoritative sources and reports, links environmental communication to different fields of competence: environment, sustainability, journalism, mass media, architecture, design, art, green and circular economy, public administration, big event management and legal language. The manual offers a new, scientifically based perspective, and adopts a theoretical-practical approach, providing readers with qualified best practices, case studies and 22 exclusive interviews with professionals.

A fluent style of writing leads the readers through specific details, enriching their knowledge without being boring.

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As such it is an excellent preparatory and interdisciplinary academic tool intended for university students, scholars, professionals, and anyone who would like to know more on the matter. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xxii. Front Matter Pages Per l'iscrizione si prega di scrivere a Jeffrey Earp. L'Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche del CNR vi invita cordialmente a partecipare alla seguente presentazione, curata dalla ditta internazionale Marathon Group.

Per l'iscrizione si prega di contattare Jeffrey Earp. E-Blocks is a research-based, innovative method for teaching English as a Second Language and for initial literacy exposure. Quelle analyse la Commission fait-elle de cette situation? The Commission implies that pension funds do not have a destabilising effect on the financial markets, since it fails to mention the role played by the privatisation of collective savings in the financialisation of the economy, and the connection between pension funds and investment funds.

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As the largest institutional investors, pension funds do, however, play a fundamental role when, in exchange for investing in an investment fund or company portfolio, they command short-term rates of return which have nothing to do with the growth capacity of the real economy, thereby leading to the adoption of high yield techniques including leverage mentioned in the previous question. The increase in institutional private debt is evidence of this. What does the Commission make of this situation? The Commission denies encouraging European countries to increase tax expenditure for promoting the development of private pension savings.

At a time of reduced public expenditure, why does the Commission continue to encourage tax expenditure which is socially unjust and further unbalances the State budgets? Finally, it has been established that the development of funded private pension schemes, even without financial manipulation, is not an answer to population ageing, as it is always the case that young working people, through their earnings, pay the pensions of those who have retired, whether by means of direct contributions or by means of deductions from loan repayments or dividends.

Communicating the Environment to Save the Planet

The true cost of a pension system lies in its administrative costs. Does the Commission agree with this analysis of the situation? The capacity of pension funds to act as long-term investors depends on the time horizon for investment decisions and on the size of their trading book to generate high investment returns in relation to their buy-to-hold portfolio. The directive requires IORPs to invest the assets held to cover the pension liabilities in a manner appropriate to the nature and duration of those liabilities. The ongoing review of the IORP Directive aims to support long-term investment by making the valuation of liabilities more realistic and by providing incentives for better risk management over long periods of time.

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The Commission does not encourage higher tax expenditure to promote private pensions, but proposes to examine whether public resources devoted to tax and other incentives for such pensions are used in a cost-effective way, which is particularly important at times of fiscal constraint. Public pension systems pose risks to the sustainability of public finances due to population ageing. Such risks can be reduced by raising the retirement age, lowering pensions or increasing contributions. Lower pensions and higher contributions are highly undesirable.

Administration costs represent a very small share of public pension spending. Cutting these costs can at best only make a very small contribution to the sustainability of adequate pensions. The electricity company Ecotricity is proposing to develop a wind farm of 15 turbines on a stretch of open land lying between two significant woodlands: Salcey Forest and Stoke Park Wood planning application reference: Both these woods have significant populations of bats of several species. Various UK acts ensure the legal protection of all bat species and their roosts.

Since , various surveys have established that bats have been killed in and around wind farms. The numbers of fatalities recorded are so high that there is serious concern about the conservation status of several species. Can the Commission please tell me why Ecotricity is being allowed to continue to pursue this proposal notwithstanding the documented information available from several sources recording significant fatalities of these EU protected species?

Under EU legislation, wind farm plans and projects are also subject to an assessment of impacts on wildlife and other environmental areas. It is for the competent authorities in the United Kingdom to ensure that assessments of wind-farms such as the one in Stoke Heights on bats are correctly carried out. Le chiese in Kenya sono finite recentemente nel mirino di numerosi attacchi che non sono mai stati rivendicati, ma che vengono attribuiti a una vendetta dei gruppi qaedisti per l'offensiva dell'esercito keniano in Somalia contro le milizie Shebaab.

The Christian community in Kenya has once again become the target of terrorist attacks.

Churches in Kenya have recently been targeted in numerous attacks. Is she aware of the dramatic developments in the explosion of violence against the Christian community in Kenya? Does she intend to urge the international community to take stronger measures to deal with the escalating violence against Christians? She is very concerned about these incidents and follows closely the evolving situation of the terrorist threat in Kenya.

It is likely that at least some of these attacks are perpetrated by affiliates of Al-Shabab or similar extremist groups, but this is not proven in the case of all such attacks. The EU regularly raises security concerns in its dialogue with Kenyan authorities to ensure the safety of all Kenyans and foreigners staying in the country.

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According to investigations by a number of Member States and Europol, political instability in Africa is leading to a rise in illegal immigration. Can the Commission provide information on the extent to which illegal immigration has changed as a result of the war in Afghanistan? Civil and socioeconomic unrest, as well as armed conflicts have often triggered mixed migratory flows including irregular immigrants and people looking for international protection because of well-founded fear of persecution.

Most of the people affected by crises such as the ones in the Middle East, Iraq or Afghanistan have remained in the region, notably in the neighbouring countries. Nevertheless, the Member States of the European Union have also been affected by such migratory movements. By way of example, the total for Afghani and Iraqi nationals asylum-seekers and irregular migrants taken together were and respectively in Not having access to the capital market, most photovoltaic energy producers are facing default.

The European Investment Bank EIB 's primary role is to provide long term finance for new investments — that is, to help promoters implement new investments in projects which support the EU's objectives. Given this, projects which are already complete are not normally eligible for EIB financing hence the EIB would not be in a position to intervene in the way suggested by the Honourable Member. It is also important to note that the EIB would have to confirm that any borrower was able to repay any loan facility made available to it.

The rapid development of information and communication technology ICT has led to the creation of thousands of data centres housing the servers of multinational computer giants. The data centres also have to use standby generators, which consume fuel and emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere. However, the sector itself is also a large energy consumer.

PDF Curare la scuola: Il problem solving strategico per i dirigenti scolastici (Italian Edition)

What are the total estimated CO 2 emissions of data centres in the EU? What initiatives has the Commission taken to improve the energy efficiency of existing as well as new data centres and services, and to what extent have these initiatives achieved results? Does it consider the voluntary nature for the measurement of energy consumption and emissions satisfactory? The Commission is aware of the increasing number of new data centres. Certain aspects of servers will be regulated already in The Commission will adopt an Ecodesign Regulation on computers and servers with requirements on internal power supply efficiency and an Ecodesign Regulation on networked standby i.

The latest statistics show that unemployment is rising throughout the European Union Is the Commission aware of this development in the over age bracket in Austria? What is the trend throughout Europe? How are things developing in problematic countries in particular, for example Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal? What proposals does the Commission intend to make and what initiatives does it plan to take to combat this development throughout Europe, helping to stem the loss of valuable potential in the labour market? The Commission is aware and deeply concerned about the high unemployment rates among older persons.

However, Austria is performing relatively better than other countries. What is even more worrying are the very high long-term unemployment rates for this group of workers. In Austria the figure is The Commission is well aware that boosting demand for labour is a necessary but not sufficient condition to reduce unemployment of older workers. It should also be complemented by initiatives that improve work-life balance especially of older workers, stimulate training, adapt working conditions to the needs of older workers and provide care for the elderly.

The Country Specific Recommendations have paid attention to active ageing and to the measures that support workers staying longer in employment. The Commission is currently implementing the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations which aims, among other things, to improve the opportunities and conditions for senior workers.

He was convicted of treason for having allegedly assisted US authorities to run a vaccination programme in Abbottabad, Pakistan, with the ultimate intention of gathering information about the suspected presence of Osama bin Laden in the town. The EU engages in regular political dialogue with Pakistan and the matter will be raised.

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Following adoption of the EU-Pakistan Engagement Plan, the dialogue will be reinforced by regular sector dialogues on security, including counter-terrorism. Law enforcement and strengthening the criminal justice system — including more effective prosecutions in terrorist trials — as well as countering violent extremism are expected to be part of the dialogue. The EU is already supporting projects which are intended to improve access to justice and also to improve the quality of law enforcement in Pakistan, not least with the police and prosecution services.

With regard to the recent moves by India and Pakistan to liberalise visa arrangements between the two countries:. Keeping this dialogue on track and making progress on confidence building measures will be essential for peace and stability in the South Asia region. In this context steps taken to facilitate people-to-people contacts and trade and transit are of particular importance. He had returned to the country to give evidence against several men accused of kidnapping him and demanding a ransom during an earlier visit to Pakistan.

Representations to the Pakistani authorities in this case are the consular responsibility of the Member State concerned — in this case the UK. The provision of safety and security advice for EU citizens travelling abroad, including to Pakistan, is the responsibility of EU Member State authorities. The EU already engages in regular dialogue with Pakistan and has regularly conveyed its concern at the security situation in the country. Interdiction des acides gras trans d'origine industrielle.

Some Member States, including Denmark, have completely banned the use of all trans-fatty acids in foodstuffs. The aim of the report is to assess the impact of appropriate means that could enable consumers to make healthier overall dietary choices. The Commission is also asked to accompany this report with a legislative proposal, if appropriate. The Commission is also encouraging self-regulatory action in order to further decrease the content of trans-fats in food products.

Utilizzo da parte della Regione Veneto dei fondi comunitari in materia di istruzione e formazione.